Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation

It only takes a moment for someone without any respect for the property of others to do a lot of significant damage.  Graffiti can easily take its toll on your vehicle with a result of thousands of dollars of expensive repainting expenses and time lost where you could be out on the road, instead of waiting for your ride to come back from the shop.  The worst part is how easy it is for taggers to just do it all over again.

Graffiti is a real concern if you ever have to leave your vehicle on the street, not only for private citizens but commercial fleets as well.  If you have a vehicle that draws attention to itself, such as a high-end street rod or tricked out tuner-car, your vehicle is a target.  The same is true especially for service or delivery vehicles, company trucks, or anything that is going to be parked on the street for long periods of time.  Taggers consider those vehicles their property and will ruin them with graffiti any chance they get.  In which case, a few strokes of enamel paint make for a ruined paint job at the least and an offensive eyesore at the worst.

GForce Automotive Films has been protecting the paint on your ride for years, with self-healing high quality automotive paint protection.  Not only does it protect your vehicle from road debris, UV radiation, scratches, and other hazards, but it also provides a paint resistant surface that can be cleaned with a high pressure sprayer and buffed out, or in extreme cases where the paint won’t come off, the entire panel of protective film can be replaced.  This will save you thousands of dollars versus a new paint job, and it will keep your vehicle on the road without long times in the shop.

Trust in GForce Automotive Films for your graffiti protection needs and keep your ride looking great!

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