RX Antimicrobial Film

RX Antimicrobial Film

Your touch screen devices are in constant contact with the world through the tips of your fingers.  From your smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen laptops to touchscreens you employ and use in your business and workplace, these screens are vulnerable to the collecting bacteria, viruses and other microbes from the fingertips of each user.

RX Antimicrobial Film allows you to create an antibacterial protective barrier against microbes and infectious bacteria or viruses by safely covering the screens and monitors of smart devices and computers.  This medical-grade film has several practical applications across industries, including:


For schools with computer labs or schools with individual one-to-one technology programs where each student is provided a laptop or tablet, RX Antimicrobial Film offers a barrier against common cold viruses, flu viruses, and bacteria that can cause rapid-onset infections, such as E. Coli.  Investing in RX Antimicrobial Film for all student computer screens and tablets also reduces the need for repeatedly wiping down screens within a daily school cleaning regimen.


Many national chain restaurants, franchised restaurants, and individually owned restaurants employ touch screen computers in several key areas, including for servers inputting orders as well as line cooks reviewing orders and dismissing finished orders.  These screens take heavy usage within areas susceptible to food pathogens.  RX Antimicrobial Film offers your employees as well as your customers a layer of protection against rapidly spread microbes that can cause food poisoning.


Screens dominate modern office spaces.  With the high number of screens found within offices, both stationary screens as well as employee-issued laptops, tablets, or smartphones, using RX Antimicrobial Film to create a barrier against infectious agents that can rapidly spread in the office environment is an investment in your employees’ overall health.

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