Window Tint (Automotive)

Window Tint (Automotive)

Are you bothered by heat, glare, UV rays, or privacy issues during your car rides? Window films and tints can solve all the above—as well as improve your vehicle’s appearance. Windows films and tints are offered as different types, each with its own look and performance. No matter what type you choose, GForce Films provides you with uncompromising quality and expert installation.

Benefits of Window Tint Film

As wonderful as the sun can be, it can have harmful effects on our cars and our health. G-Force Automotive Tint add another layer of protection between you and the powerful UV rays of the sun. This added protection can reduce eye strain as well as reduce other ill effects from the sun’s rays on the eyes and skin of you and your passengers.

Our tint films help protect your car interior from the aging aspects of UV rays as well. Too much direct sunlight can age your upholstery, leather, dash, and other interior elements. To help increase the lifespan of your interior, our tint films are a great choice.

Let’s not forget that the sun also creates heat. Our automotive tint can help keep interior car temperatures down, so you your AC can have a little help keeping you cool all summer.

Not everyone’s top concern is the sun. Want some added privacy driving around town? G-Force Automotive Tint can help with that too. Not to mention, they make your vehicle’s exterior look even more classy and sleek.

Common Types of Window Tints and Films

Non-reflective or dyed tints. Non-reflective or dyed tints involve the application of several layers of dye. The dye can block sunlight to a degree, absorb heat, and provide privacy with its opaque appearance; however, the dye will fade over time.

Reflective or metalized film. Reflective or metalized films are films made of tiny metal particles. The metal particles are effective in preventing glare, reflecting heat, and filtering UV rays. These types of film can last longer than non-reflective or dyed tints, but, because of their metal make-up, they can interfere with cellular signals, satellite radio, and GPS.

Ceramic film. Ceramic film and nano-ceramic film are capable of absorbing great amounts of heat, filtering essentially all UV radiation, and protecting upholstery within the car. The ceramic film is similar to the reflective film but without the interference with your car’s electrical communications. If you are seeking the highest performance window film, this may be the perfect option for you.

GForce’s Expert Installation and Dedication to Your Satisfaction

GForce Films provides nothing but the best materials backed by nation-wide warranties for your window film or tint.

Whether you want to upgrade your shiny new sports car, or add a little comfort to the family vehicle, you can choose your tint percentages in a variety of combinations to suit your needs and style. For the absolute best we have to offer, we suggest trying our high performance ceramic film.

With our nationwide warranty you have the safety and assurance of knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Contact GForce Films for more information about automotive window film and tint.

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    Car Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

    There are numerous reasons to tint the windows of your vehicle. Aesthetics, comfort, UV protection, safety, privacy and energy savings are the primary reasons people choose to tint their windows. We are certified factory professionals that can help you find the right window film for your needs.

    The legal limits vary form state to state. A professional certified factory trained installer will be informed of the local state laws and can help you make the make the correct choice for your vehicle.

    When it comes to window film, there are high quality and lower quality films that aim to do the same thing but won’t deliver. High quality window window tinting can last a lifetime, if installed and cared for correctly.

    Ceramic Window Film is one of the most durable films available and is a great investment. It reduces heat and protects while remaining crystal clear. The benefits of ceramic film are endless, it provides up to 90% protection against infrared rays and is 99% effective in blocking UV rays.