Window Film – Commercial & Residential

Window Film – Commercial  & Residential

Installing window film on residential or commercial properties enhances their aesthetic appeal and value. At GForce Films, we have been offering high-end window film services to residential and commercial properties in Savannah and its outlying regions for over a decade. To guarantee unmatched results, we only use thigh-quality polyurethane film that has been tried and tested.

Commercial Window Films

As part of our commercial window film services, we undertake both frost and decorative installs. To satisfy the preferences of our commercial clients, we avail window films in dozens of shades and patterns.

We have a matchless ability to transform a bland glass surface into an eye-catching work of art. We have partnered with reliable manufacturers who supply us with commercial window films that can diffuse light without visibly affecting ambient lighting. We can also convert normal windows into privacy glass in different attractive patterns that are appealing to your décor.

Residential Window Films

The installation of residential window film has been our forte since we entered the safety and architectural film market. Through extensive market research on film structures and components, we’ve been able to compile an enviable line of residential window films. Whether you are looking to install window films on your residential property for privacy, to provide sun protection to your furniture, or for energy efficiency purposes, we have what you need any time.

Besides this, we offer high-end security solutions for shattered glass fragments. This protects house occupants from injuries. We offer our residential window filming solutions with the aim of keeping your home windows aesthetically pleasing and protected for years.

GForce Films’ residential commercial window film solutions help lower your energy costs besides minimizing sun glare. Therefore, you can have private time at the office or at home while enjoying natural light without worrying about eye strain.

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    Home/Commercial Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

    Summer savings: By blocking out the UV rays during the hot summer months, window tint reduces solar heat gain, which will reduce the amount of time your air conditioner has to run, resulting in lower AC bills.

    Winter savings: During winter, the same window film will retain interior heat, resulting in lower heating costs.

    There are many shades and applications to choose for privacy applications.

    Pricing varies depending on film selection, specific needs and window sizes.

    All window film is applied on the inside of the windows