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    With time, your car’s paint is bound to degrade due to exposure to different weather conditions. Not to mention that there’s also the likelihood of getting into minor but inevitable accidents that may tarnish the aesthetics of your car.

    In such cases, it makes sense to protect your car’s paint so as to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

    At G-Force Films, we’ve established ourselves as your source for automotive paint protection. For decades, we’ve been offering our services to residents of Savannah Georgia, Pooler, Bluffton, and Hilton Head Island.

    We offer a wide range of services, which include:


    Paint Protection Film

    We at G-Force Films are the first in the industry to offer paint protection using polyurethane film for high quality results. This protects your car’s most susceptible parts such as bumpers and side mirrors, from pebbles and other road debris.

    Automotive Window Film

    Our G-Force automotive window films are designed to filter out UV rays making traveling more comfortable. The films are available in a variety of shades and colors, offering you the privilege of choosing your desired color option.

    gray vehicle vinyl wrap application on car hood

    Vehicle Wraps

    For marketers looking for vehicle wrap designs, we offer high quality vinyl wraps that display your ads conspicuously. The wraps are also custom made to fit your car model perfectly.

    Custom Graphics

    Our G-Force custom graphics solution will enhance the aesthetics of your car, giving it a fresh new look that matches your preference. This solution works well for a sports car or any other car looking to add a touch of sophistication to its look.


    Residential Window Tinting

    Whether you live in a condo or house, we can enhance your space with our retrofit films. Learn more about our high quality UV-blocking and safety & security window film options to protect your home. 

    commercial window film

    Commercial Window Tinting

    Commercial window tinting provides business owners with many valuable benefits. Whether you are looking for comfort or privacy tint, our team of experts can help you find the best solar or safety & security commercial window tint products built for your business needs.


    Testimonial 7

    “In the last 12 months I brought three of my cars in too receive the XPEL treatment from G-Force. Great team. Great installers – key to doing this right. Highest recommendation I can give.”

    ~ M. Taxter, Savannah, GA

    Testimonial 6

    “The BEST paint protection film installation business around. Reasonable prices to protect your investment and very friendly, informative staff. These guys are the real deal. 5 Stars!!!”

    ~ J. Ambrose, Savannah, GA

    Testimonial 5

    “I am so pleased with the service and finished product on my husband’s car. Sylvia took the time to really walk me through the various ways we could do it and gave me great confidence that the job they would do would be terrific. I asked a lot of questions and she was very patient. Well, they nailed it. The quality of the job is fantastic and more importantly, their customer service is top notch! You can’t go wrong with using this team for your window tinting needs!”

    ~ A. Marrero, Savannah, GA

    Testimonial 4

    “First time doing business with them, it will not be the last. They are awesome! Call Sylvia she will take care of you. Thanks for the great job.”

    ~ C. Chapman, Savannah, GA

    Testimonial 3

    “Very professional, friendly team!! Their attention to detail is spot on!!! If you value your ride this is the place to get your work done!!!!”

    ~ G. M. Dyer, Savannah, GA

    Testimonial 2

    “Films, wraps, tint, you name it they have it!! I wouldn’t recommend any place but G-Force….hands down the best work and staff I’ve ever seen.”

    ~ D. Millz, Savannah, GA

    Testimonial 1

    “The first wrap I ever had on my 2017 Lexus IS200T and looks like it’s not even on the car. Very professional and Honest people there….not hustle or haggle.  Straightforward people who’s earned my Trust and Respect with no BS business practice. Thank you, you will see me again in the future. Great work on my car guys.”

    ~ Jan, Savannah, GA