Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

At G-Force Films, we specialize in high-quality automotive paint protection. As a pioneer in the industry, we were the very first to offer paint protection films and have serviced Savannah as well as its outlying regions for more than 20 years. We take pride in using only the highest quality polyurethane film to provide our clients with the best results.

installing paint protection film

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Why Get Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film’s primary benefit to your vehicle is its protection against anything the road might throw at it such as:

  • Rocks & pebbles
  • Road debris
  • Bugs
  • Sand

The film is professionally installed and fitted with your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas in mind: the hood, bumpers, door edges and steps, side-view mirrors, rocker panels, fenders, door cups, and rear trunk area.

Paint Protection Film Offers More Than Just Protection

The benefits of paint protection film don’t end there. The film also does the following:

  • Preserves factory paint finish
  • Virtually invisible
  • Protects against miscellaneous abrasions
  • Maintains clarity through UV inhibitors that prevent yellowing
  • Self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks and staining
  • Includes a warranty
  • Uniquely fits each vehicle

Once installed, the car owner cares for the car as normal, with no need for buffing or waxing. The car can be washed as usual, and we highly recommend using our XPEL Detail Spray, which can be effortlessly applied and wiped off within minutes. This straightforward spray-on and wipe-off solution helps maintain your car’s appearance, ensuring it continues to look as pristine as the day of installation.

What is XPEL Detail Spray?

XPEL Detail Spray is your quick and effective solution for maintaining your vehicle’s brilliance between washes. Specifically crafted to clean, enhance shine, and protect, XPEL Detail Spray is perfect for clear bras. 

Its fast-acting formula swiftly removes dirt, bird droppings, and stains. Designed for clear bras, wraps, and graphics, the application is effortless and it delivers stunning results. Proudly made in the USA, XPEL Detail Spray is your go-to for a refreshed and protected ride.

No matter what you drive, the best way to maintain your vehicle’s brand-new look is by using our paint protection film.

For your peace of mind, the G-Force Films is also covered by a 10-year nation-wide warranty. The warranty applies to cracks, bubbling, or yellowing caused solely by manufacturer or material related defects. (It does not apply to any damage caused by misuse, accident, or modification.)

Available XPEL PPF Types

As an exclusive dealer, G-Force Films has joined forces with XPEL, the industry leader in paint protection films, to increase the protection available to your vehicle’s beautiful color and finish.


Designed as a high-gloss, optically clear topcoat, Ultimate Fusion™ comes with a few surprises, too. This PPF is naturally hydrophobic: the coat is so high-gloss that its design actually encourages water to bead up and roll off of your car. It also boasts a self-healing aspect, too—fine scratches and swirl marks are eliminated in the presence of heat!

Ultimate Fusion™ also provides protection from the elements, combating dangerous oxidation, insects acids, corrosion, and contaminants, and it improves your vehicle’s surface clarity, giving a smooth, slick finish. It’s crafted with individualized design patterns to give your topcoat the feel that is perfect for your vehicle and no other.


XPEL Ultimate Plus™ paint protection film gives your vehicle’s finish a virtually invisible layer of urethane to protect it from everyday damage. These include scuffs, scratches, chips, and more. The next time you see a wayward grocery cart careening senselessly toward your beautiful paint job, you can relax. It’s covered by XPEL Ultimate Plus™.


Built on the yoke of Ultimate Plus™, Ultimate Plus 7™ provides the protection your car needs with a slightly thinner construction. Yet; it is thick enough to be used on interior and exterior surfaces, with the same self-healing technology created for Ultimate Plus™.

Ultimate Plus 7™ has a heat-activated self-healing topcoat, is non-yellowing, discoloration, and stain-resistant, cleans up easily, and contains edge seal technology for the perfect finish every time. For the thinnest layer of the most durable protection, cover your vehicle with record-setting technology from XPEL.


For the more adventurous types whose cars and trucks require off-road protection, look no further than Ultimate Plus 10™. XPEL’s thickest paint protection film yet boasts many of the same properties as the rest of the Ultimate Plus™ lineup, such as a self-healing, heat-activated topcoat, non-yellowing, discoloration and stain-resistant facets, and edge seal technology, with the maximum durability and protection you require to enjoy your wildest adventures – without your vehicle looking like it afterwards. After all, what’s the use of a max protection topcoat if you can’t just hose off the mud to make it look like new again?


Moving away from the rest of the lineup, Ultimate Plus Black™ is a completely opaque paint protection film. It retains the same features as the rest of the Ultimate Plus™ line: heat activated self-healing topcoat, extreme durability and protection, and edge seal technology for that perfect finish, but it also gives your vehicle a gloss black finish that you won’t have to spend hours on to restore every time you decide to go somewhere. Black paint shows everything – and we mean everything – so we devised an option that is self-healing, easy to clean, and looks absolutely amazing on any vehicle.


XPEL Stealth™ paint protection film is formulated specifically to preserve your vehicle’s flat factory finish. Whether you have chosen to go with matte, magno, frozen, or frosted, XPEL Stealth™ offers the protection you need to keep it looking effortlessly pristine. Alternatively, you might choose to give your gloss paint job a whole new look! Whatever you choose, count on XPEL Stealth™ to preserve the good intentions you had when you originally purchased your car…or simply its most recent brilliant paint job!

CARFAX Integration

In line with our steadfast dedication to excellence, we’ve seamlessly integrated our system with CARFAX—an esteemed name in the vehicle history reporting sector.

What Does This Mean For You?

Opting for G-Force Films for your window tinting requirements guarantees that every important detail about your service will be seamlessly incorporated into the CARFAX database. This encompasses specifics about the products used, chosen tint darkness level, and the installation conducted by our experienced technicians.

How This Helps You

When the day comes to trade in or sell your vehicle, having a comprehensive service record can significantly boost its value. That’s where our CARFAX integration comes in. Our goal is to offer complete transparency and build trust with our valued customers. You can rest assured knowing that the information in the CARFAX report is accurate and reliable, which not only solidifies your vehicle’s worth but also gives you a competitive edge in the market.

Get the Best Paint Protection with G-Force Films

At G-Force Films, we provide the best paint protection film for any vehicle, no matter what you drive. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing the protection your car needs, with the highest quality XPEL paint protection film. Get the protection you need and preserve your car’s look with G-Force Films. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your vehicle


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