GForce Films is the leader in paint protection in the greater Savannah regional area.  We have over 20 years of experience in the precision application of paint protection film and we continue to expand our knowledge base and our customer reach by implementing new and innovative protective polyurethane film applications.

Why Should You Consider Paint Protection Film?

Your vehicle’s exterior paint and finish can be easily marred, scratched, dinged, or ruined by the demands of everyday driving.  Consider these protective benefits that GForce Films offers with the precision application of paint protection polyurethane film:

  • Seamless, virtually invisible, protective finish that fully covers your factory or custom paint job.
  • Barrier against road grime, gravel or pebbles, bird droppings, and bugs.
  • Patented UV inhibitors give long-life protection against fading or yellowing effects of the sun.
  • Patented polyurethane film can self-heal in the event of scratching and is crack and stain-resistant.
  • Individual pieces of the protective film can be replaced in the event of auto body damage due to a collision.

What Should You Expect When We Install Paint Protection Film on Your Vehicle?

All work is performed inside, within our climate-controlled facility.  Your vehicle will first be fully washed, dried, then inspected before the application process begins.  The application process employs a wet technique that utilizes a mixture of water and alcohol to apply the film.  Once applied, the automotive film is allowed to dry thoroughly in the sun, from three to five days, to effectively cure the adhesive.  The adhesive is considered fully and completely cured at forty-five days.

What Kind of Warranty Do We Offer?

At GForce Films, we take pride in our work and craftsmanship.  We offer a 10-year warranty against cracking, yellowing, and bubbling due to defective materials or to defects in manufacturing to the original purchaser of the automotive paint protection film.   This warranty does not cover any damages due to modification, misuse, or accidents.