Sylvia Farrow

Sylvia Farrow
Owner & Founder, G-Force Films

Sylvia Farrow began her journey in the automotive industry in 1979, driven by a passion for enhancing and protecting vehicles. With over 35 years in the Automotive Aftermarket business and over 20 years in Paint Protection Film (PPF), Sylvia joined up with James Hambey, leading to the founding of G-Force Films in March 2012.

Today, G-Force Films is the only specialized shop for PPF in Savannah, offering services for Window Tint, Wraps, Graphics, and Stripes. Sylvia has found immense joy in building lasting connections and trust with clients, delivering results they love. Many of these relationships have turned clients into friends, adding a personal touch to her professional achievements.

As a lifelong learner, Sylvia is always eager to gain new knowledge, whether through books, podcasts, or learning from others in the industry and by attending national conferences available to her with manufacturers and vendors. She is a member of SEMA and SEMA PRO. The constantly evolving nature of the automotive aftermarket keeps Sylvia engaged, appealing to a diverse audience ranging from first-time car buyers to families and collectors. The endless opportunities to enhance and protect their investments make this field truly fascinating for her.

Outside of work, family time is Sylvia’s greatest joy. She also has a passion for gardening and interior design, allowing her to express creativity in different ways. Maintaining good health is essential to her, so she prioritizes exercise and nutrition. Sylvia is grateful for her great health and strives to keep it that way, ensuring she can continue to enjoy both her professional and personal life to the fullest.