5 Reasons You Should Use XPEL Paint Protection Film

Ford F350 Super Duty Paint Protection Film

Close to a decade ago, XPEL revolutionized the paint protection industry with the world’s first-ever self-healing film. Once again, XPEL has raised the bar with its newest film with an unparalleled high gloss finish and improved impact protection.

This paint protection film technology will give you peace of mind when cruising along the highway, and brushing against vegetation because it provides an efficient protective layer to your car’s paint. You will never have to worry about birds’ droppings on the surface of your car or oils, and bug acids damaging your car’s paintwork.

Here are reasons you should use XPEL:

1.      Heat-activated self-healing topcoat

A light heat application is all the XPEL paint protection film needs to self-heal any light scratches, and swirl marks to the film surface. You will appreciate this technology because it isn’t humanly possible to avoid light scratches or swirls as you drive your car, regardless of how careful you may be.

This innovative paint protection film makes for a quick solution to the constant troubles of scratches gathering on your vehicle on your day-to-day travels. If you were to patch the paintwork every time the surface of your car gets a scratch, you would have a hard time doing it.

If you are a stickler for gleaming cars, this paint protection film makes things easier for you. You can keep your car shiny throughout the year, courtesy of its quick self-healing technology. It will also keep the surface of your car sparkling new for years to come.

2.      Doesn’t yellow

One problem you may have experienced with common paint protection films is yellowing. Yellowing occurs when UV exposure wears out the surface of your car due to over-exposure. You may want to avoid ever-exposing your vehicle to UV, or any other harmful rays, but the nature of your daily routine may not allow you.

With XPEL, the hideous yellowing effect would be a thing of the past. This is because this paint protection film forms a shield over your car paintwork, protecting it from the penetrative UV and other harmful rays from the sun.

If you have been wondering how you will ever deal with the yellowing spots on your automobile, you’ve got a reliable solution now. Make the sacrifice for the XPEL self-healing paint protection to keep your vehicle sparkling for as long as possible. You will also appreciate its protective properties for your car.

3.      It prevents wear and tear

What should worry you most isn’t the cost of applying the XPEL paint protection film: it’s the cost of the constant wear and tear of the surface of your automobile. As you drive through the city, along winding highways, and sometimes through the country, you expose your vehicle to various agents of friction and collision.

These agents include gravel, pebbles, sand, vegetation, and direct sunlight. You can’t really prevent your car from brushing against them and gathering scratches and swirls. They cause the constant wear and tear of the surface of your vehicle, and you have to spend considerably to keep the surface gleaming.

Thanks to XPEL, you won’t have to worry so much about the depreciation of your car’s exterior if you install this innovative paint protection film. The film throws a protective layer over the surface of your vehicle, preventing it from catching minor scratches when it comes into contact with various abrasive elements.

4.      It’s resistant to stains and discoloration

Just like you can’t prevent your automobile from coming into contact with the various elements of abrasion, there is very little you can do to stop it from coming into contact with stain and discoloration agents. For instance, you park your vehicle under a tree shade, and bird droppings immediately land on its bonnet.

You drive through a puddle of water, and it splashes onto your car’s exterior surface. The same thing happens when another vehicle passes through a pool of water and splashes it onto you. This means that there are many elements out there to stain your car’s exterior surface.

If you get XPEL paint protection film installed on your new vehicle, you will have a lasting solution to the constant splashes that stain or decolorizes your vehicle. The film ensures that o chemicals or liquids get through to the paintwork of your vehicle, causing it to change its color through the chemical reaction that will take place.

Even if your car was to gather stains, it would be easier to get rid of them if it has this paint protection film. This is because you would only need to wipe it clean, and your car will be gleaming again. XPEL layer makes it easy to remove any smudges on the surface due to its smooth shiny nature.

5.      Provides edge seal technology

With the innovative XPEL, lifting and delamination will never be necessary for your car’s life, thanks to the impressive edge seal technology. This technology ensures that the paint protection film stays put in place, protecting your car surfaces from any contaminants.

The technology provides complete sealing of the edges of the film, so they don’t peel off with time and allow contaminants to seep through. Other paint protection films may not excel in this area, meaning you would have about lifting and the possibility of delamination. But with XPEL, this would be a thing of the past.

The efficient edge seal technology ensures your paint protection film lasts longer and protects your car even longer. The perfect fit along the edges of your car completes the new look of your equally new car, creating a complete picture of perfection. It adds to the allure of your vehicle, hence, a worthwhile investment to make.

These reasons — and a few more — explain why we at G-Force have chosen to provide the XPEL paint protection film installation to our clients. When we combine this technology with our experience of many years and the professionalism of our technicians, the end result is a high-quality service that will keep your car protected for a long time.

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