How to Determine the Best Time to Tint Car Windows

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Tinting a car window improves the aesthetic value of a car while providing other unlimited benefits. Some car manufacturers fit cars with window tints. However, the quality and style may not match or fit the customer’s preference.

That said, many car owners replace the existing tint or apply a new tint to boost the appearance and privacy of their ride. Did you know that perfect timing can affect tint durability, car privacy, cost of application, and improve its value?

So, how can you tell the ideal time to apply a car tint?

1. Leverage Different Seasons During the Year

Different seasons offer varying opportunities for the tinting process. Hot temperatures, for instance, are conducive for the application of tints. Equally, you may find discounts in certain months of the year. Here’s a breakdown of opportunities in the different seasons:

Summer and Spring

The summer season is generally warmer than other seasons, making it ideal for the tinting process. The high temperatures increase the drying speed and enhance the natural curing process.

In comparison to high temperatures, humidity impedes the gluing process involved in a tinting procedure. Another exciting season is the spring, which is neither too hot nor cold — the moderate temperatures minimize the risk of overheating during the application process.

However, spring has several days with high humidity and rain, which can complicate the application process. To that end, both summer and spring offer an excellent opportunity to tint your car window.

Autumn and Winter

While it’s true that cold temperatures inhibit the tint curing process, the winter and autumn seasons have multiple benefits to the tinting process. The need to enhance your privacy or reduce the impact of bright headlights is also high in these seasons.

The cold temperatures in winter or autumn require a functional car AC system for maximum comfort in your car. Without proper insulation, the car can lose heat through the tiny pores in the window panels.

Tinting the windows during or in preparation for the winter season prevents heat from escaping the car through conduction. As a result, you’ll only require minimal energy from your car’s AC, leading to savings in energy and fuel. The benefit of improving the heat insulation profile of a car outweighs the slow curing process occasioned in the winter and autumn seasons.

2. Seasonal Discounts

As a car owner, you can take advantage of the seasonal sales discounts that tinting companies offer. These companies take advantage of high traffic to offer discounts and maximize sales. The offers can also correspond with national holidays and other annual sales events.

Here are a few suggestions to look out for:

  1. National Holidays: Tinting companies offer special discounts during national holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, or Memorial Day. Depending on the time of the year, look for a corresponding holiday that you can utilize. Utilize social media and search engines to search for current deals.
  2. Winter Deals: Tinting companies suffer a slump in demand for their services because of road conditions and weather. In response, they offer great deals to entice customers to take up window tinting services. Therefore, you can take advantage of the available deals to save and secure a quality tint for your car.
  3. E-commerce Deals: E-commerce merchants hold annual sales such as Black Friday, Prime Day, or Cyber Monday to activate sales and improve brand awareness. Equally, other service providers ride on the wave to offer parallel offers that you can bank on to save.

3. After Buying a New Car

After you change or buy a new car, you may find an already installed tint, while others may be extra thin. These disparities necessitate the need to acquire a new tint for your ride.

Here’s why you need to install a tint immediately after buying a car:

  1. Privacy: Privacy is an important aspect to consider for a personal car— more so if you live or drive in highly populated areas. Privacy is also a top priority for people whose careers revolve around the public, such as social media personalities, celebrities, musicians, and footballers. Applying a tint on your new car restores privacy for your car. The tint can also eliminate instances of break-ins because tinted windows cannot attract the attention of burglars.
  2. Reduces Glare: During sunny days in summer or other seasons, it’s difficult and annoying to drive in the sun’s full glare. Equally, night driving can be a nightmare because of the bright lights from oncoming traffic. Applying window tint reduces the effect of the sun’s glare during a sunny day. It’ll also save you from frequent headaches and fatigue associated with night driving.
  3. Temperature Control: Internal temperatures determine whether you’ll enjoy the ride. Tinted windows keep the car cool by reducing the amount of temperature that goes into the vehicle. Tint improves temperature balance, especially on hot days that pose a danger to the interior heating of your car. Tinting creates a cool environment inside your car during sunny days, improving comfort— it’ll also eliminate the need to turn on the AC system.

4. To Improve Your Car’s Features

Anytime is the ideal time to improve the features of your car. Continuous improvement brings additional benefits like safety or protecting the vehicle. By applying tints on your car windows, you reduce the sun glare that reaches inside the car. As a result, the sun rays will not damage car interiors — dashboard, upholstery, and seats. Some of the solutions applied include windshield protectors or dashboard spray. Even so, the impact and benefits of applying tints are unmatched.

Tinted windows also reduce the impact of objects that fall on windows by reducing potential breakage. Equally, window tint impedes glass shattering, which can cause severe injuries in the case of accidents.

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Applying a tint on your car windows improves aesthetic value, security and preserves the condition of the interior of your car. It’s also important to apply it at the right time to ensure quality work, take advantage of deals, and protect your investment.

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