Love Cars? Here’s What You Should Know About Paint Protection Film

Keeping the vehicle in top shape is on every car owner’s agenda. While staying on top of oil change schedule is a big deal, what’s on the outside counts just as much. Protecting your car’s paint is a simple way to keep it looking stellar for years to come while minimizing maintenance efforts. The key […]

How To Safely Clean Your Car During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated all countries across the world. While many details about stopping the virus are still uncertain, health officials have established that maintaining hygiene can control coronavirus. Since the outbreak began, cleaning hands, and all areas around us have become essential. Cleaning your car is a great way to prevent COVID-19 infection […]

How To Turn Your Car Into A Sanitizing Station

COVID-19 is changing the way that we look at things. Your car is your transportation. But, could it be more? With a little bit of cleaning and innovation, you can turn it into a sanitizing station. This way, wherever you go, you can rely on your car as a sanitary safe haven to protect you […]